WHERE DO YOU RUN IN LOS ANGELES? Right now, we run as far East as Hollywood and as far West as Venice, with clients sometimes as far north as Burbank or the Palisades. We run both streets and canyon trails, primarily sticking to residential neighborhoods. HOW LONG ARE YOUR RUNS? Our runs are done in either hour or half-hour blocks based on your preference. HOW MANY DOGS CAN YOU RUN AT ONCE? Our rule is no more than three dogs per runner. If more than one runner is available and it is convenient, we may run as a larger group. DO YOU DROP OFF AND PICK UP? Yes, we provide transportation. We can also easily create a running route based on your location if preferable. MY DOG IS HARD TO WORK WITH. CAN YOU STILL RUN HIM? Absolutely. But, we may charge more for our time if your dog requires specialized attention. WHAT HOURS ARE YOU AVAILABLE? Our runs are generally done between the hours of 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM. We do our best to accommodate everyone's preferred schedules, but we ask that, if possible, you allow for some flexibility in your dog's available run times. DO YOU RUN IN THE RAIN? As long as you don't mind the smell of wet dog afterward, we run rain or shine, frigid or sizzling. We do, of course, adjust to the dogs' needs (more water breaks, slightly slower pace, etc.). CAN YOU TAKE MY PET TO A DOGGY DAYCARE? As long as your pet is already registered and the daycare knows we're coming, we are happy to pick up or drop off a dog at a daycare. We will not pick up from one location and drop off at another, however